The financial system of the future

The first decentralized international payment system

Neuron Wallet

  • converts 14 crypto currencies and fiat money;
  • makes it possible to trade directly from the wallet
  • transparent cross-border remittance
  • guaranteed security:
    • two-factor authentication
    • multisig
    • seed-phrases
  • anonymity:
    • user data is stored with users
    • a simple process of depositing and withdrawing currencies
  • compatibility:
  • a simple process of depositing and withdrawing currencies



  • Money transfer transactions
  • Fiat and crypto currency exchange
  • 14 crypto currencies, fiat and erc20 tokens


Neuron Blockchain

Blockchain speed. Test network explorer

Comparative table for transaction-per-second capabilities offered by popular payment systems


Agent network

7 5 1 2 EUR Agent B Client B Basic paymentsin EUR JPY 7 8 6 3 4 3 Client A Agent A Client B’s NER Agents B’s NER NER NeuronPlatform Agent A’s NER Client A’s NER NER NER NER NER EUR ZONE BLOCKCHAINNEURON JPY ZONE

The participants within the system are interacting P2P based on the assumption that there are customers who wish to buy or sell billing currency.

  1. Client A in one currency zone wishes to transfer EUR 1,000 to Client B in another zone;
  2. Client A issues an order to purchase NEURON currency in his currency zone on the NEURON p2p exchange;
  3. Agent A sells NER to Client A via p2p exchange;
  4. Client A transfers the purchased amount of NER to Client B’s wallet;
  5. Client B receives the transfer and submits an application to sell received amount in NER on a NEURON regional p2p exchange;
  6. Client A pays a money transfer commission;
  7. Agent B buys NER;
  8. Agent B buys NER and receives a reward which amounts to 50% of NEURON Platform’s commission for the transaction.


Plastic cards

  • Company-developed contactless payment systems
  • Bitcoin accepted to help bitcoin investors grab exciting deals. Visit this köpa bitcoin to know how to buy bitcoin and add to your wallets for easy transactions.
  • NFC system supporting Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Cash back programs – rewarding customers for using NEURON cards by refunding up to 0.5% the cost of purchase to their accounts